BAM! Bricks & More Toy Store Closure


When is this happening?

BAM! Bricks & More Toy Store will be closing at 8 pm on Saturday, March 30th, 2019 for the last time. A new store, Minifigure America, will open the following Monday, April 1st, 2019. 

What's the difference between BAM! & Minifigure America?

The largest change is that Minifigure America will not sell Bulk Lego parts in the store. Instead, the focus will be to increase the size and selection of the build-your-own-minifigure tables as well as the items in the display cases.

There will be some miscellaneous changes to store hours, discount/loyalty programs, and store decor. More details will become available as we get closer to the switch-over.

*For those in the Reward Point program - your accumulated points will still be useable after the switch-over through AT MINIMUM the end of June 2019. We are currently evaluating whether we will continue to use the current software or switch to something new. Additional details will become available at we finish evaluating our options.

Why no more bulk Lego?

The bulk Lego currently accounts for roughly 25% of our sales and about 8% of our gross profit. The bulk Lego and the byproducts of it create about half of the work in-store that the owner does. Due to the success of other businesses the owner is involved with (A Novel Idea Book Parlor of Sunset & Ogden), time available dictated that something had to be given up. After evaluating last year's sales reports and individual transations, it was decided that bulk Lego was the product that had to be given up. 

So, there's really not going to be any more bulk Lego?

In the store, on a daily basis, that is correct - Minifigure America will not offer bulk Lego parts.

We will, however, be introducing bulk nights. Initially, we will be scheduling these events twice a month and then adjust the frequency based on demand. For these events, we will basically pull out totes full of bulk Lego for customers to dig through for pieces. For these nights, we will be offering the bulk Lego for $10/lb. There will also br potential for parts that previously would have been removed during the QA sorting process used by BAM!.

When will more details be available?

We are trying to stay on top of everything happening between multiple businesses and retail locations. As a general rule, we post to our Facebook page first (as it is our most developed social media outlet), then other social medias (such as Instragram & Twitter), and then update our website last (as it is the most time intensive).

You can follow us at:

Instagram via username Utah_BAM

Twitter via username @UtahBAM

We also have a video on our Facebook page that explains in more detail the reasons for this change. Check it out here:

I have a BAM! gift card/certificate. Do I need to spend it?

No, you do not need to rush and use it. Minifigure America will honor all outstanding gift certificates and gift cards issued by BAM! Bricks & More Toy Store. We will be using the same POS system, so balances on cards will not be affected.

Additionally, any one with a "12 Months of Minifigures" voucher (sold by the Weber County 4H Club) will experience no change in their application. Please, continue to bring them in each month to claim your minifigures.