Frequently Asked Questions


Do you sell new or used Lego®?

We primarily sell used products, but a good portion of the parts we sell are obtained new. Regardless, we have the highest quality standards for used parts and remove all of the chewed, damaged, and off-brands parts that we find. 

I've seen that you sanitize the parts you sell. What do you use to wash them?

We use a combination of water, Oxy-Clean, and hydrogen peroxide to wash our products. We rinse them thoroughly and then air-dry them.

Do you buy used Lego or accept trade-ins?

We do not. To help keep our prices low and to take pressure off employees, we purchase most of our inventory online in large quantities. If you are looking to sell your Lego® items, consider joining this group on Facebook:

Where do you get all of your Lego®?

We buy massive lots on the internet - generally 50+ pounds or hundreds of minifigures at a time. Once they arrive, we sort through to remove the chewed, damaged, and off-brand parts. We sanitize what's left and then put it out for everyone to pick through. 

Are the figures you sell Lego® brand or knock-offs?

All of the figures we sell on our build-your-own-minifigure tables and inside our display cases are Lego® brand.

The only Lego® compatible product we actively encourage customers to consider are our Lego® compatible baseplates. They are thicker and more durable than Lego® brand plates, which can be a major benefit when moving your Lego® creations.  

Have a question you didn't see here?

Feel free to contact us at 801-599-0469  or via e-mail at

Store Policies

  • Children under 13 years of age must be accompanied by a responsible adult 18 years of age or older. We will not make any exception to this policy.
    This policy includes waiting in your vehicle or visiting another business in the building.
    You are responsible for the actions of your children. We ask that you please watch them carefully both for their safety and to prevent them from damaging items in our store.
  • Absolutely no food or candy is allowed to be consumed in the store.
    This includes baby snacks.
    We are fine with beverages, but ask customers be careful with their drinks. Lego® and stickyness do not mix well.
  • All sales in our store are FINAL. We do not accept returns and will not provide exchanges. If you have questions or concerns about the products offered in our store, please ask them before making a purchase.