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The highest quality used Lego® parts for the best prices in Utah!



Effective at closing (8 pm) on March 30, 2019 BAM! Bricks & More Toy Store will be closing.

We will be re-branding ourselves as a new store - Minifigure America. The new store will open April 1st. The primary difference between BAM! and the new store is that we will no longer carry bulk Lego parts in the store.

More details about this change can be found here.

What we sell

Lego® Figures


Build your own for $2.50 each or check out the hundreds of licensed and themed figures in our display cases 

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Bulk Lego® Parts


Dig through our multiple tables of bulk Lego® parts for the pieces you need. They're $12.99/lb, but you can get as much or a little as you want - we have digital scales to weigh them! 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer discounts?

We do! Check out our discount programs here

Do you buy Lego® or accept trade-ins?

We do not buy Lego® or accept trade-ins. We recommend listing your items on the classifieds section of or in this group on Facebook.  

Have another question?

Check here to see if we've already answered it or we have a policy about it. 

Davis County Location

South of the Grounds for Coffee building and the Sunset/Roy border.

BAM! Bricks & More Toy Store

2465 N Main St, Suite 12C, Sunset, UT 84015

Phone Number: 801-599-0469


Open most Monday Holidays. Closed Thanksgiving & Christmas.