Have your birthday party at BAM!

Harrisville Party Room

We have a dedicated party room in another part of the building at our Harrisville location.For $100 you can reserve it for an hour and a half long party. This includes:

- A party attendant to keep your party running smoothly and to clean up the mess.

- Use of our party room's build-your-own-minifigure and bulk Lego tables. Party includes one free minifigure for the birthday child. Other minifigures and bulk Lego can be purchased from the party room (regularly $2.50 each for build-your-own-minifigures and $12.99/lb for bulk Lego). We offer a 10% discount on items purchased from our party room during your event.

- Use of our 32' Lego Derby Track. Kids and adults can build their own cars from our bulk Lego and then race them!

- Use of our 55" TV. Bring your own movies or watch one of ours. 

We provide paper products and cutlery including table cloths, plates, napkins, forks, spoons, and knives. You are responsible for all refreshments. We do NOT permit open cup beverages. Bottled, boxed (ex. juice boxes), and bagged drinks (ex. Caprisuns) are allowed. 

Please, call Colton at 801-875-2459 with questions or to setup a party reservation.

We require payment for your entire party at time of reservation. All reservations are non-refundable. We can reschedule your party with 7 days notice. Parties that need rescheduled within 6 days of scheduled  date are subject to a $50 penalty. Remaining credit will be applied to rescheduled party date.  

On a budget but still want a good time?

Consider bringing your birthday group to one of our stores as just a fun activity. We don't charge anything for coming in, just ask you to follow some ground rules:

- We have a no food policy. This includes candy and baby snacks. We are fine with lidded and resealable drinks, but please be responsible with them. Stickyness and Lego do not mix.

- Bring one adult for every 6 kids to help with crowd control.

- No opening presents in our store. Unfortunately, too many poor experiences in the past have caused us to include this rule. 

- Finally, please understand that we may have other customers in the store we need to assist.